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The House Building Blog—Roof Framing

Monday, October 23, 2006

Building the Roof

The roof framing is now underway. The roof design consists of a main 14:12 gable roof with a 14:12 gable dormer roof protruding in the front of the house and a 4:12 shed dormer roof protruding from the back of the house. The gable dormer will contain a bedroom and the shed dormer will contain a large bathroom and the stairwell. Building a roof seems complicated but by breaking it down into the individual roof lines it becomes clearer. The tricky parts can be where one type, or slope, of roof joins another.

Roof Construction

roof framing

To start the roof construction, two built-up 14-foot structural posts were propped up on the top floor subflooring. Two posts are also built into each of the end gable walls. Three LVLs have been placed up on top spanning between these four posts. These three LVLs form the main roof beam along the ridge line of the main 14:12 gable roof.

Two LVLs can be seen framing the gable dormer opening and running parallel to the engineered roof I-joists. These LVLs will help support the 14:12 gable dormer roof joists.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Build a Roof — LVL Beams and Joists

roof framing

Roof beam (LVL) is now in for the gable dormer roof and the dormer's exterior walls are built.

There are also LVLs near either end of the main roof. The framing for the roof overhangs will be attached to these LVLs.

roof framing

Two of the posts supporting the main roof beam. These built-up posts will end up inside an interior wall once the upstairs walls are framed. Sitting atop the posts is the main roof beam which consists of three separate LVLs which together form one long beam. On either side of the posts up high are temporary catwalks for the framers to stand on.

roof framing

The roof framing for the master bedroom skylight. This will eventually have a deep window seat-like sill inside the room.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Build Roof — Gable Dormer Roof Joists

roof framing

Gable dormer roof joists. Two angled joists run from the LVL at the side of the dormer up to where the dormer roof beam meets the main roof beam.

roof framing

Gable dormer roof. Notice the two angled joists described in the previous photo. Temporary catwalk near peak is for the framers.

roof framing

We've added false rafters that will be exposed on the outside of the house when all the roof framing and siding is complete. They are really just rafter "tails" nailed onto the sides of the roof I-joists. We've pre-painted the exposed part of these "rafters" an off-white color.

roof framing

The shed dormer exterior walls. The walls on the dormers are the only exterior walls except for the gable end walls on the top floor. Everywhere else the steep 14:12 roof drops right down to the main level exterior wall.

roof framing

For the shed dormer, once again rafter tails are nailed onto the engineered roof I-joists to create the look of exposed solid wood rafters.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Roof Framing for Overhangs

roof framing

The roof framing for the roof overhangs are now being built onto the LVLs at either end of the main roof.

roof framing

Routed plywood covering the roof overhangs gives a tongue and groove look to the overhangs.

roof framing

Framing for roof overhangs being built onto the dormer roof.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

roof framing

Almost done. Plywood going onto the back of the house main and shed dormer roofs. The feared weather has arrived.

Friday, November 03, 2006

roof framing

Roof is on and tarped since the weather is changing from a lovely dry fall to wet and at times snowy. Please let the roofers come soon!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Finally the roofers have arrived. No more mopping the very wet floors.

We've chosen a roofing shingle made by Malarkey. The shingles consist of a fiberglass mat coated with roofing asphalt then topped with fine pieces of rock coated with colored ceramic for colorfastness.

Our roofing shingle color is called Sienna Blend. We've chosen this color since the roofing will both look good with the burgundy cedar house siding and it is pale enough that it shouldn't heat the attic space up too much in the summer.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

roofing roofing roofing

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